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Francisco Peña

Trumpetplayer, bandleader, arranger and composer.

Born on the 21st of september 1963 in Buenaventura, a small island on the Pacific coast of Colombia, South America. That’s where he begins his carreer. Right by his father’s side, who is also a successfull folclorical trumpettist. Playing with the best musicians of that period of time.

After some years of experience in playing popular music, he starts a study at the Music Faculty of the 'Universidad del Valle', where he receives his License in Music with emphasis in Trumpet. In this studenttime he distinguishes himself as a solo trumpetplayer in 'The Big Band Jazz' of University.He also gets the opportunity of following workshops given by wellknown musicians like Juan Monguia, trumpettist of the orchestra 'Irakere' from Cuba, Adalberto Alvarez concerning Cuban Son and the Quartet 'Bronces de Leningrado'. He learns all about harmony, instrumentation and directing from Colombian director Carlos Montoya, and composing popular music from maestro Francisco Zumaque.At the same time, we are talking about the end of the 80's, beginning of 90's, he takes part in some of the groups most mentioned and seen as fundamental pilars of the Salsa in Colombia:

  • 'Integracion Porteña', as trumpettist and arranger.
  • Alvaro del Castillo and his orchestra 'La Calentura' (former singer of Grupo Niche).
  • Hermes Manyoma and his orchestra 'La Ley', with whom he tours in US, Canada and Ecuador.
  • 'Peregoyo y su Combo', the most tradicional Pacific Colombian folclorical group with whom he    tours in France, Europe.
  • 'Orquesta Pacific’s Sons', as trumpettist and arranger.
  • Orchestra 'Guayacan', with whom he tours for six months allover Colombia.


With 'Bahia', an experimental fusion folclorical group, he participates in the 'Roots Festival of Chicago' and the 'Worldexpo Hannover 2000' in Germany.At the end of 1994, together with a friend composer, he founds his first group called 'La Fuga'. They were quite successfull with broadcasts of two recorded cd’s on the radio. In 1999 he dedicates himself researching the African roots in Latin American music. So he starts the orchestra 'FP La Expresiva' (Salsa, Folk and Latin Jazz), and participates in the 'Festival de Musica Folclorica del Pacifico' where he receives great admiration of the critics for his compositions. In the year 2000 he settels in the Netherlands, and has been working as a trumpettist, arranger and musicproducer since, in his own projects but also for others. For 'Gerald & La Ritmica', as a trumpettist, arranger and background vocalist, as for Marco Toro’s Afro-Venezuelan fusion orchestra 'Toro Ensamble'. Also as a arranger and producer for Gerardo Rosales and the groups 'Marejada' and 'Grupo Mango' in Paris.

His goal is to iniciate and participate in different project to give Holland and Europe new impulses with Latin American music of all kinds.

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